03 Apr 2018

CTech: Asos Collaborates With Fashion Startup Zeekit

Tel Aviv-based Zeekit develops a virtual fitting room feature allowing online shoppers to check how certain clothing items look on different body types

U.K.-based online fashion retailer Asos is collaborating with Tel Aviv-based virtual fitting room startup Zeekit Online Shopping Ltd., Zeekit confirmed last week. As part of the collaboration, Zeekit’s technology was integrated into a new feature released mid-march in Asos’ clothing app. The feature simulates how a certain item looks on multiple models with different body types.

Founded in 2013, Zeekit’s algorithm uses topographic mapping to scan the human body and accurately simulate the way a certain piece of clothing would fit it. Each item of clothing is mapped and deconstructed into thousands of digital pieces, allowing Zeekit’s algorithm to accurately ‘clothe’ the model.

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