20 Oct 2017
March 2018 Investment & Technology Delegation

Bloomberg: Ultra-Orthodox Women Emerge as Tech Entrepreneurs

While Silicon Valley is just beginning to confront decades of sexism and discrimination, female founders in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community say their segregated gender roles have an unintended benefit — encouraging growing ranks of women entrepreneurs.

In the haredi community, many women serve as the main caregivers and breadwinners while their husbands focus on Torah study. One result is that entrepreneurship is often a better way for Orthodox female founders to provide for their large families.

“We’re taught very early that our role as women is to be the breadwinner,” said Sari Roth, 40, chief executive officer of Bontact and a mother of seven. “That means we need to fight, not give up and do everything not to fail.”

Read more here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-17/in-israel-ultra-orthodox-women-emerge-as-tech-entrepreneurs