17 Oct 2017

European & Israeli Venture Data 3Q17 by @gdibner

A data-driven review of VC investment trends in Europe and Israel in the third quarter of 2017.

Some key highlights:

  • Overall, dealflow volume continues to hit new highs
  • Total VC investment volume into Europe and Israel was $5.5B in 3Q17 and $5.8B in 2Q17 (a record)
  • The number of deals peaked in 1Q17 at over 500 and has been trending gently downward, but still at very high levels.
  • Deal size is trending up again
  • In the past two quarters, there were 13 mega-deals (over $100M)
  • There is still zero evidence that Brexit has impacted the UK venture environment. Both deal numbers and investment volumes are up since the Brexit vote
  • In both 3Q and 2Q, the UK led the region in investment volume. Israel was in second place

Read more by @gdibner here: https://medium.com/yankeesabralimey/european-israeli-venture-data-3q17-25973d65018d