29 Mar 2018

Globes: Israel triples whisky imports

Israelis consumed 4.5 million bottles of Scotch whisky in 2017 with 22% being single malt whisky.

Figures provided by the UK embassy in Israel show a record of 4.5 million bottles of Scotch whisky imported into Israel in 2017. In monetary terms, Scotch whisky imports have soared from £10 million in 2012 to over £30 million (NIS 140 million at NIS 4.70/£) in 2017. Scotch whisky imports totaled £26 million in both 2015 and 2016.

Scotch whisky accounted for 4.5 million bottles of the 22.9 bottles of UK alcoholic beverages imported to Israel in 2017, according to figures from the Edinburgh-based Scotch Whisky Association. An alcoholic beverages reform introduced eight years ago greatly reduced the price of expensive alcoholic beverages in Israel. For example, the price of a bottle of 18 year-old Chivas Regal or Johnny Walker Black Label whisky was cut in half at the time.

The favorite blended malt whisky brands of Israeli’s are Johnny Walker Black Label, Johnny Walker Red Label, and 12 year-old Chivas Regal. In the single malt category, Israel’s preferred tipple is Glenfidduch 12 and Glenlivet. Malt whisky imports to Israel account for 22% of all UK whisky imports into Israel.

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