17 Feb 2016

NoCamels – Startup Hub ‘Interchange’ Revitalizes London’s Iconic Camden Market

Israeli entrepreneur Teddy Sagi is moving forward with plans to renovate and expand the iconic Camden Market in London. Last week, his company Market Tech Holdings received approval for a £20 million plan to add 130,000 square feet of retail and office space to the 15-acre cluster of markets and other real estate properties it owns in North London. Work is expected to start later this year, with an estimated completion in 2017.
Camden Market’s historic shopping stalls, which sell everything from souvenirs to vintage clothing, have remained unchanged for decades, attracting millions of tourists looking for an authentic shopping experience featuring 800 retailers. But since Market Tech, led by billionaire Sagi, bought the majority of properties in the vicinity in 2014, the area has been en route to becoming a modern mixed-use site that now includes not only shopping, but also new offices, and even a startup hub.