25 Aug 2017

Speaking with Israel’s leading entrepreneurs

First Published on LinkedIn Pulse by Hugo Bieber, Chief Executive of UK Israel Business

My last post covered what it takes to bring an Israeli tech summit to London. Over the last few days, I’ve spent most of my time on the phone with our various speakers. If curating and selecting the right companies to present was interesting, discussing the content and ideas of some of our speakers has made time fly almost as fast as a drone!

When discussing topics with our speakers, their thinking when honing in on the topics they’re presenting has surprised me. It is often said that Israeli entrepreneurs are always at least one step ahead, and my speaker calls have only confirmed that.

Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX and I discussed a talk entitled “The Internet of Soil” as a way of describing the unique fusion of Internet of Things; Cloud Data; Connected Devices and Agricultural-Technology which makes up CropX.

Zohar Rozenberg, former head of Cyber for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) will be talking about “The age of ransom” and really, following the recent ransom attacks against institutions such as the NHS, I can’t think of a more pertinent topic to speak about, especially by someone with such a distinguished track record.

Thinking forward to a world where everything is connected from our cars to fridges to lightbulbs, Michael Shalyt of Aperio will be talking about ‘The trillion-sensor world’ and inevitably, some of the implications and inherent security vulnerabilities this brings with it.

One company that personally fascinates me (and some very high profile investors including Coca Cola and Aleph) is Raanan Cohen’s Bringg. Their mission is to enable enterprises to have the same logistical power as Amazon. When the media in the UK is full of headlines about Amazon entering new markets such car sales, incumbents and SME’s need every tool they can get to compete with the giant. Bringg are already doing this and I’m personally very excited to hear from them.

I’ve just outlined a few of the fascinating, game-changing disruptive companies coming to Innovate Israel and on top of the above, we’ve got drones; augmented-reality; the next generation of advertising technology and a true unicorn in the room with the UK CEO of Gett presenting.

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