17 Aug 2017

What it takes to bring Innovate Israel to London

First Published on LinkedIn Pulse By Hugo Bieber, Chief Executive, UK Israel Business

On 12th September, we are running a tech conference РInnovate Israel. The conference has been in the making for some time, and I wanted to share some thoughts on how to pull together something that is interesting, relevant and different!

We’ve all been to those dull, boring conferences where one panel follows another. You might find 4 world-class speakers on stage, but what’s the point when each gets to respond to the same inane question that they all agree on? The big-name, world-class speakers just get diluted.

So… one of the first thoughts I had when creating Innovate Israel was to cut out ALL panels. But if you’re cutting out panels, what are you going to do instead? One thing you don’t want is to provide a stage for pitching. That presents a challenge in itself, as you need to look at bringing thought leaders, founders & CEO’s who are really changing their industry landscape and have the maturity to take a microphone and talk about their vision for the industry they operate in or the technology they’re developing and not just talk about their company.

In the last year, though our delegations to Israel I’ve met over 100 Israeli companies from seed to listed, with a core focus on companies that have raised at least $1m and are generating revenues. Seeing companies literally changing the world as we know it today is exciting and the number of people coming on our delegations has grown by 50% a trip. But what if you can’t spare the time to come to Israel?

That is how Innovate Israel came about – we wanted to bring together some of the most exciting scale-up companies we’ve met in Israel; companies where the leaders are literally changing the world as we know it and showcase them to our membership and beyond in London.

Short and sweet is the mantra; taking some of the most relevant areas of technology such as Cyber Security; Transportation & Logistics; AI / Machine Learning / Big Data and IoT & Connected Devices and weaving in disciplines as varied as agricultural-technology and advertising technology to name but two.

On 12 September, we’ve got some of Israel’s top tech leaders and thinkers, from the former head of cyber for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) to serial entrepreneurs such as Jon Medved, whose latest venture, OurCrowd has raised nearly $500m for 120 companies from investors in 112 countries. In addition, companies that have explored out of stealth mode like Bringg, who are revolutionising logistics and of course, we’re featuring unicorns such as Gett, who have now raised over $600m and have half of all London taxi drivers on their system.

The UK is attractive to our speakers as well! Israeli companies have created hundreds of jobs in the UK in the last year, and many of our presenters are hungry, ambitious and looking to meet you.

Now you know a bit more about what it takes to bring Israelis to London, come along and join us.

For anyone that has got all the way to the bottom of this, there is a little present… use the code hugo40 or this link: https://innovateisrael17.eventbrite.co.uk?discount=hugo40for the largest discount you’ll find on tickets to Innovate Israel. BUT… only until the end of Friday 25 August!