09 Oct 2017

Venture Beat: ‘Startup Nation’ — the good, the great, and the one fatal flaw

Like many small countries across the world, Israel punches well above its weight in the global startup ring.

Until my recent visit to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to find out why Israel was doing so well, I — like many before me — had assumed the Startup Nation‘s “per capita” success was due to just one reason, but I couldn’t have been wider of the mark.

My journey of discovery started with an invitation from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who encouraged me to visit the region as part of a delegation of journalists from across the globe. What followed was a whirlwind tour of startups, accelerators, and co-working spaces designed to showcase the best of Tel Aviv- and Jerusalem-based startups. The first part of my visit concluded with an annual tech conference called the DLD Innovation Festival, but I chose to stay on for an extra week to discover more about what makes Israel such a special place.

My preconceptions were challenged throughout the tour, but let’s start with that “one thing” everyone thinks is the reason for Israel’s success.

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